Psychedelic Drugs: Misunderstood or A “Trip” Down the Wrong Path?

October 25, 2020 0 Comments

If you have heard any stereotypes about the Sixties and the psychedelic free love era of music, you’ve probably heard stories about some of the musical artists getting some of their biggest ideas from psychedelic trips, or experiences. Usually, these experiences are brought about by taking drugs such as LSD, DMT, mushrooms, or other psychedelics.

While these drugs might not have the same effects on everyone who uses them, this does not mean that they are without their dangers.

Potential Dangers of Psychedelic Drugs

Many people who defend these types of drugs will be quick to remind naysayers that using the drugs have never killed anybody, and while it may true that the drug itself doesn’t kill people, its effects can cause people to make decisions that could very well harm them. This is because of how psychedelic drugs affect the user’s brain.

To give you a good idea about how it works, think about some of the ways these drugs can mess with the user’s brain:

Psychedelic drugs can often distort or completely change how you see reality, often making users see things that aren’t happening or seemingly making the world move in patterns. If someone drives a car or attempts to travel while on a psychedelic drug, they could very easily get into a wreck or get themselves killed.

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Frequent use of psychedelics could also lead to persistent psychosis, which is essentially a series of problems in the brain that can continue well after the psychedelic experience is over. This could lead to continuous paranoia, changes in mood, and even visual flashbacks when completely sober.

If you know someone who might have a problem abusing psychedelic drugs and want to help them think about cutting this behavior out of their life, consider having a conversation with them about reaching out to substance abuse issues savannah professionals so that they can work on turning their life back around.